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live & replica plant displays

As experts in our field, we will design the planting displays to fit your scheme, with many different planters to choose from. Which will add to the style of décor cohesively.

benefits of plants 

The benefits of plants in your environment go beyond improving air quality! We all know plants release oxygen and remove toxins from the air, they also have many other added benefits; such as increased productivity and focus, research shows working in environments with plants can enhance concentration, reduce stress levels, boost mood  and create a more calming space. Plants can also be used for noise reduction and can act as natural sound barriers by absorbing and diffusing sound. With all these benefits plants are an ideal way to create an aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment, and create a sense of well-being for your occupants and visitors. ​We work with clients to choose a selection of plants that are suitable for their environment, looking at lighting conditions, maintenance requirements and space availability. We offer maintenance packages, which can be specifically tailored to your plants needs.


They require minimal care, no need for watering, feeding or pruning. A great versatile option with no need for natural sunlight, or correct humidity and temperature levels. They maintain their appearance over time and are consistently attractive, making them an ideal investment with no need for replacement.

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